110mm APO Beta Results

Ralph Wentz

Please allow me to introduce myself: Iā€™m Ralph Wentz, head and eye of RAW, a studio for photography and design based in Cologne, Germany. As a photographer, I prefer the clear and precise image, specializing in people and portrait, interiors and architecture. Being interested in the entire body of work, I feel equally at home with product, corporate and industrial photography.

My fine art portrait work is highly regarded by private clients all around Germany. At ease leading a large team or working solo, my aim is to allow for spontaneity and creativity within a well-planned framework.

But in the end my photography has to be as simple as possible: There is light and shadow and there is passion, dedication and love for what I do and the deepest respect for everything and everyone I photograph and work with. This is not only the foundation for a great picture but for a good and fulfilled life as well.

Exactly these values I found when I came across the seriously crazy folks at NWS. They have the greatest respect for us photographers and our work and they want to supply our profession with equipment that has unrelentingly high standards. At the same time, they are passionate about what they do. That makes us allies, because we hold ourselves and those we work with to a positive outcome and the benefit of the best result possible. Why is that? Very simple, because we love what we do.

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