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We are pleased to introduce a new feature on our website, the “Latest News” section. This allows us to bring you periodic news and updates about our business, people, products as well as feedback from customers. It’s also where we will highlight progress on projects and important events and revelations we’ve come across. We hope to see you here often!

Impetus for the founding of NWS Instruments AG is explained, and the first public activity detailed in the first NWS Instruments AG “Latest News” article. It describes the core reason we have structured the business the way we did, and why we think this will benefit our customers.

It is crystal clear now in 2019 that “taking a good picture” for most people does not require a bulky camera anymore. Many smartphones serve casual users very well. In fact, the pace at which smartphone cameras improve is breathtaking and with every new product, more innovations step in to make “picture taking” easier for these casual users, and the experience is more and more forgiving. As a result, point-and-shoot cameras which long since generated the cash flow and investment capital needed for R&D in digital and optical technologies dwindled. Camera companies struggled to develop new products at the same pace, and DSLR and lens prices started to climb.

People whose livelihoods is making photographs – commercial photographers who express, illustrate and document –started to wonder if they can ever maintain the necessary quality edge over the “wannabe’s” and if the companies whose tools they depend on can stay in business.

We saw this trend coming nearly 15 years ago when smartphones first started to appear and gradually witnessed the unfolding of these events as expected – the decline in camera shipment volumes, the inevitable price increases, the prominence of zoom lenses over primes, the exit of smaller industry players, and perhaps the most worrisome, the decline of photographic technique as software and AI step in to create pictures even when the photographer cannot. Consumers love this, commercial and expert photographers not so much, because a masterpiece must reflect the photographer’s intent at the moment of creation, not just software and AI.

We founded NWS Instruments because we believe we can serve commercial and expert photographers well. We know how they make their living, what tools they need, what techniques they use, and how they can stay ahead of their competition. We stay close to them and ask lots of questions, and draw on our own experiences from using cameras from half-frame to ultra large format, and lenses from over 100 years old to the latest and greatest. And – most importantly – we have the technical expertise to turn innovative optical ideas into reality.

After much discussion, our first public activity was to lay the foundation of what we plan to do in a White Paper submission at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für angewandte Optik (DGaO) annual gathering in May 2018. Drs. Michel and Horneber presented on the two topics we felt were critical to the advancement of commercial and expert photography – high resolution lens design and the discipline required both in design and manufacturing to realize these advances in the final products. This White Paper has since been peer-reviewed and is published as part of the proceedings of the 2018 DGaO. A copy of this White Paper is attached here.

In future “Latest News” releases, we will address the process of bringing designs to manufacturing, our supply chain decisions, and how these affect the outcome of our products. We hope to shine a light on the path we took to deliver what we promised to every commercial and expert photographer who have written to us, expressing their critical needs and the same high standards we set for ourselves. We hope to see you again then.

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